The sparkling wine obtained is presented to the eye with a vivid color of the ripe strawberries accompanied by a fine and cheerful.

se presenta con aromas a frutillas acompañados de frutos tropicales como ananá, mango y durazno y aromas cítricos como pomelo rosado.

It is sparkling, with sweet entry, very fruity and an acidity that adorns it. It is presented full and with a delicate ending that invites you to continue enjoying this excellent wine.

Suggested Food Pairing
It accompanies very well the fruits of the sea, sushi; It is also an excellent appetizer and is suitable for drinking with pleasant company.


Harvest: 2017
Cultivation Region: Tulum Valley, San Juan 750 meters above sea level
Collection: Manual in boxes, 10kg. each one.

Alcoholic Fermentation: The wines are fermented separately. The Chardonnay with a classic fermentation of a sparkling base wine, that is to say with high acidity, low alcohol production and fermentation temperatures of 15ºC. Malbec is made with grapes with gentle fermentation extraction methods in order to obtain a wine that is easy to drink and that allows a perfect assembly with Chardonnay white wine. For the second fermentation, the wine is mixed or cut and fermented using the Charmat method at 15ºC.

Alcohol: 12.9% v / v.
Service Temperature: 5ºC / 7ºC